Further reductions at Games and Puzzles

Games and Puzzles is now offering 50% off all its Ravensburger and
Binary Arts products. Like the 25% off all stock offer this will
continue till we close around the 25th of March. You won't be able to
pick up Scotland Yard or Safari Rush hour cheaper anywhere!

The offers are not cumulative, you won't get 75% off ravensburger or
binary arts products.

Graham Horsman
Assistant Manager
Games and Puzzles
6 Green Street
"Would you like dice with that?"
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Games and Puzzles Closing Down sale - 25% off all stock!

Please propagate this to any other lists where you feel it's relevant:

After (approximately) 25 years of business

Games and Puzzles
6 Green street

Is sadly closing down, as a result to clear stock we're offering 25%
off *everything* in the store. This starts today and will go on till
we close. So drop by and pick up some bargins.

Graham Horsman
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Edison Giocattoli weapons

Have arrived! And we have enough ammuntion for everyone!

We now have Joe devils, Fred Murray and Max Lewis pistols. Johnny Palmer and Mike Peterson rifles. Not to mention various cap guns.
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You lucky lucky people you! Gehenna: Time of Judgement limited reprint

White Wolf is doing a limited reprint of TOJ: Gehanna and we are doing pre-orders *today*. If you want one tell me *now* and I'll get you one. After this there are no more reprints of Gehenna. There might be an e-book, we don't know, but if you want a hardbacked copy of Gehenna this is your last chance.

Do you understand? This is your very last chance.


Seriously, if you want one let us know asap.
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Gehenna out of stock and Time of judgement preorders

games_puzzles is oyut of stock of the Time of Judgement:Gehenna vampire roleplay supplement. I'm afraid we have no idea when it will be next availible, but we will keep you posted. Please have a look at www.timeofjudgement.com and find out which of the books you'e going to wnat and contact us as soon as possible, listing *all* the TOJ books you're liable to want. That way we can assure you'll get onto our preorders.

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Gehenna: Time of Judgement

Both the roleplay supplement and the novel (act 1) are in. Stocks will (apparently) be limited, so drop us a line if you want one put back if we run out of copies we will do our best to get you a copy within the week.

The end is nigh!
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Gaming Evening cancelled indefinatly

Sadly, due to lack of enthusiasm on our part for an 11 hour day on a wednesday we are closing the gaming evening. What went before was fun. In the end, however it was taking too much out of us for it to be worth while.

Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to us starting this again in the new year, but it's really not possible.
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Gaming Evening

Alex will be closing the store at 6pm today so there won't be a gaming
evening as such this week.

The gaming evening at G&P is changing format. The shop will now be
staying open till 7pm for trade, during which time we will keep the
tables open for people to play on. It's a less formal idea in general.
If things pick up again after Christmas we will probably reinstate the
"Gaming Evening" proper.